Depending on the sites selected for the day, you may get to see a Giant Pacific Octopus, the largest octopus in the world. You may also get to see a “cuddly” wolf eel free-swimming or peeking out of its den, various nudibranchs,  many different species of curious rockfish, lingcod, harbor seals, and many more species of fish and invertebrates native to our beautiful Pacific Northwest waters!

1 or 2 tank dive

Transportation from marina by boat to and from dive sites
Lunch and snacks to include hot soup, sandwiches, chips, bottled water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and fresh baked hot cookies after your second dive.

Between dives we provide snacks, beverages, and lunch during your trip. If you are vegetarian or have diet restrictions please let us know ahead of time; we have a small selection of vegetarian soups and some that are gluten free.