What is your refund policy?

Payment is required to confirm reservations.

Full refunds are provided for:

    • Charter cancellations due to inclement weather.
    • Charter cancellations due to boat mechanical problems before it leaves the dock.
    • Less than 4 paying customers on a local trip ( we will notify all customers 48 hours before scheduled departure time if we do not meet the minimum number of divers to run the charter).
    • Less than 8 paying customers on a non-local charter.
    • Individuals on charters who signed up through our resevation system that cancel 7 days before scheduled departure time.

50% refund if cancellation of less than 7 days but over 48 hours before departure.

No refunds for:

    • Cancellations made within 48 hours;
    • No-show or passengers arriving after scheduled departure time.
    • Bad visibility
    • Gear issues
    • Seasickness